Crime and Dine at Christmas

Investigate a crime over a meal. This is a very popular and fun evening or lunch time event. We design your own crime and dine experience, just for you.

Our forensic expert will outline the crime at the beginning of the event. You will be guided through the different stages of the investigation between and after courses. You will have to try your hand at: Fingerprinting, Dusting items for criminal prints and other forensic activities.

Award Winning Team Building Experiences

Our mission is to provide team focused experiences that are distinctive, inspiring, memorable and engaging. We offer team building and team development events designed to fit your aims and objectives.

Exciting Dining Experience

An authentic activity designed to take place around a meal

Fully Mobile

Our Crime & Dine can be run in almost any location


We can personalise this experience to you

Brilliant Reward Event

A great “thank you” experience to reward hard work