Crisis Management Training

The aim is to provide high quality critical incident training impacting on risk, case studies, practical exercises and continuous improvement.

Right Angle Corporate Events are highly skilled in this area and have delivered a range of these events on their home turf and abroad. Let's take a look at the modules on offer.

Why Focus on Team Development?

Team Development enables members to perform at a high level and remain as high performers. This brings with it success, achievement, efficiency and excellent interpersonal relationships. With some simple interventions your team development will be something you and your team will be proud of.

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This event gives you the tools you need to spot a Crisis and solve it long before it arises into a problem.


We provide you with all the tools the deal with a critical incident; whatever that may be for your particular company.


This event helps to identify and enhance your expectations from colleagues.

Press & PR

We teach you how to handle the press and counteract bad press with an intelligent PR campaign.